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PABX Installation in Dubai

PABX Installation in Dubai

Do you want to enhance the external and internal calling system and IT infrastructure? Are you looking for an advanced communication standard that can enhance the growth capacity of a business?  Private Automatic Branch Exchange or PABX is emerging as the advanced communication standard that configures the heightening capacity for the growth of any business. Regardless of the industry and nature, PABX acknowledges the highest uptime for businesses and comes with multiple benefits compared to traditional phone systems.   Atop Computer Solution offers the Best PABX Installation in Dubai.


Communication is the backbone of any business infrastructure and keeps evolving with time and business demands. So, we at Atop Computer Solutions LLC provide a range of PBX phone systems and PABX Services in Dubai for businesses and commercial applications. We specialize in offering all the itineraries required for maintaining the current contacts with precise and enhanced routing choices while efficiently integrating the system that meets your business’s future communication needs.    


Introduction PABX Installation in Dubai


PABX, or Private Automatic Branch Exchange System, is a telephone network that aims to extend the lines of access using a couple of connections to a public network called a public switched telephone network. PABX system automates the switching job required to connect the calls between extensions via IVRs. Each PABX device connected to the exchange has a different extension number, including computer modems, desk phones, and fax machines. 


PABX System has become the top choice of many IT firms and organizations because it leverages the user-friendly external and internal communications environment. It focuses on connecting multiple devices, including phones, intercoms, routers, switches, printers, fax devices, and more. PABX must be installed precisely for optimal connectivity and to ensure noise-free communications. It is only possible when you get it done by professionals like Atop Computer Solutions LLC.   


We are the expert in PABX Installation in Dubai and can help build contemporary PABX system installation for government and public sectors in Dubai and UAE.  


Features or Benefits of PABX Services


PABX, the most viable option for VoIP, offers businesses improved flexibility and reliability over voice communications. Some of the advanced features of the PABX system are call diverting, call extensions, auto-routing selection, fax detection, call conferencing, call blocking and barring, connecting online, notifying caller ID, auto call answering, queuing calls, and sending & receiving text messages. 


  • Management of Calls – The PABX system comprises the functions of a PBX system with added flexibility to route incoming calls and automate the call transfer. It helps accommodate the use of live personnel to receive and transfer calls with ease. 
  • Speed Dialing – The PABX Installation in Dubai can promote faster communication via a programmable speed dialing feature. It also helps connect with other called numbers with a button press.      
  • Automated Enquiry Assistance – Programmable call directing is the most vital feature of the PABX system. Customers having queries related to the company and offers can be managed automatically via a call-directing path programmed into the system.
  • Navigable Interface – The PABX system has a navigable user interface and helps accommodate IVR functions. 
  • Increased Call Volume Capabilities – The PABX System can receive and handle multiple direct calls without downtime. Because of this function, potential and current clients are never kept on hold, even without a live operator to control and redirect calls. 
  • Flexible, Hand-free Features – The device can be paired with a hands-free system so traditional phone users can do multiple tasks simultaneously without burdening their hands.    

               BENEFITS OF  PABX Installation in Dubai

Improved Call Handling

A PABX system ensures that all incoming calls are automatically directed to the appropriate department or extension. This feature is especially useful for businesses that receive a high volume of calls as it reduces the chances of missed calls, resulting in a better customer experience. Moreover, PABX allows calls to be routed to multiple lines, preventing the caller from hearing a busy tone and improving customer satisfaction.

Cost Savings

PABX systems offer several cost-saving benefits to businesses. With a PABX system, organizations can reduce the number of physical phone lines required, reducing the overall communication cost. Additionally, PABX systems can be configured to route calls over the internet, eliminating the need for traditional phone lines altogether, which can lead to significant cost savings.

Efficient Call Routing 

PABX systems are designed to route calls to the appropriate extension, reducing the need for manual call transfers. This feature allows businesses to handle calls more efficiently, improving productivity and reducing customer wait times. With advanced features like call queuing, callers are placed in a queue and informed of their position in the line, eliminating the need to call back later.

Advanced Features

 PABX systems come with a range of advanced features designed to improve your business's efficiency and productivity. Features like call recording, call conferencing, and voicemail-to-email can help organizations streamline their communication processes, leading to better customer service and overall satisfaction.


One of the most significant advantages of a PABX system is its scalability. As your business grows, you can add additional lines and extensions to your existing system without the need to invest in additional hardware. This flexibility allows businesses to scale their communication systems as their needs change without incurring high costs.

Improved Collaboration 

PABX systems enable employees to communicate and collaborate more efficiently, regardless of their location. With features like call forwarding and remote access, employees can stay connected with their colleagues and clients, even when working remotely. This feature is especially beneficial for businesses with remote workers or multiple office locations.

Better Customer Service

A PABX system can significantly improve your customer service levels. With features like call queuing and call routing, customers are quickly directed to the right department or extension, reducing wait times and improving overall satisfaction. Additionally, features like call recording and call monitoring can help businesses identify areas of improvement in their customer service processes, leading to better customer satisfaction.

                                            Why Choose Us?


Atop Computer Solutions LLC Dubai offers a broad spectrum of wireless and wired PABX communication systems and solutions. We are equipped with a team of professionals that provide 24/7 onsite and online support. 


We aim to offer robust communication solutions and PABX services for business platforms. We aim to integrate the best-in-class PABX system in your organization and provide 24/7 support via our technician team, who are trained and skilled in PABX systems. We specialize in installing, maintaining, and offering designated support for accredited PABX solutions and services. 


We have rich expertise and decades of experience establishing PABX, Conventional, and Hybrid PABX system installation. We focus on installing a unified and right communication system to ensure continuous and smoother workflow.  


Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Difference Between PABX and PBX?


The difference between PABX and PBX is very some. The PBX is the private branch exchange, while the PABX is the private automated branch exchange. The PABX system has all the functionalities of PBX but with advanced and automated flexibility to redirect and route the calls. 


What is the Significance of PABX Installation?


PABX allows for a sophisticated web of multiple connections and networks while facilitating communications within organizations as they adapt and grow. The system can handle incoming and outgoing calls and can be expanded later with additional hardware installations. 


What is the Application of PABX?


PABX is a robust business solution for organizations that require multiple lines for outside and in-house calls and communication. It lets the organization use a single access number with numerous extensions. It is affordable compared to using various PSTN lines.    


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