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Structured Cabling Services in Dubai

Structured Cabling Services in Dubai

Are you struggling with cabling bulk and congestion at your business establishment? Do you want the most effective way to manage the network, support future upgrades, and reduce the overall install time? Atop Computer Solutions LLC brings a whole new range of Structured Cabling Services in Dubai for businesses in and around the UAE. 


Atop Computer Solutions LLC, the leading service provider understands the challenges of planning, installing, and maintaining a network system; hence, custom-structured networking solutions are offered to help enhance the telecommunication infrastructure of business establishments. Regardless of the challenges, the experts and trained professionals work towards designing, installing, and constructing the network system to cater to the business needs of every customer.  


Introduction - Structured Cabling Company in Dubai! 


Structured cabling is a crucial aspect of every business communication system. Structured cabling refers to developing a campus telecommunications cabling structure comprising a broad spectrum of structured and standardized elements. A robust structured cabling system is necessary to achieve predictable performance and have the highest flexibility in accommodating upgrades, moves, additions, and changes. It even helps maximize the system availability, offers redundancy, and makes the cabling system powerful for future usage. 


Atop Computer Solutions LLC offers end-to-end, high-performance structure cabling solutions for businesses, ranging from designing to installation to management and maintenance of network cabling systems to address all challenges a business encounters. We aim to offer a robust cabling infrastructure to make all IT investments worthwhile for businesses.


Structured Cabling Services Offered!


Atop Computer Solutions LLC specializes in offering promising and award-winning solutions and services for businesses with high-performance cabling networks, data center infrastructure products, and structured cabling solutions. The in-house team of professional engineers seeks to offer enterprises high-quality, affordable structured cabling solutions and services. 


  • Compliance and Certification – At Atop Computer Solutions LLC, we have a team of expert professionals with the skills to plan and execute network cabling systems in adherence to international and national regulatory standards.   
  • Bid Specification for Project Development – Regardless of the scope and size of the project, our experts ensure that client understands all aspects of the project for successful execution. 
  • Planning Budgeting and Reviewing – The experts ensure professional cabling services, from conducting due diligence checks to finding the apt system for building the system. A systematic approach is followed, from planning to budgeting and reviewing the project.
  • VPN Network Setup – Apart from cabling services, the experts specialize in setting up VPN networks for businesses and maintaining network security. 


Benefits of Structured Cabling in Dubai, UAE.


The team at Atop Computer Solutions LLC has comprehensive knowledge and skills in offering comprehensive, structured cabling services and solutions. The cabling solution starts with a pre-wire phase where the structured cabling design is selected and finalized, and in the second phase, the cable routes are chartered, and the catenaries are fixed. The final stage is testing and certification, where all routes and cabling are tested in adherence to international regulatory standards. Some of the benefits of structured cabling are:


  • Reduced cabling congestion and bulk
  • Easier to manage the cables and network
  • Supports future moves, additions, and upgrades
  • Reducing overall installation time  


Why Choose Us


At Atop Computer Solutions LLC, we know that an organized business network is crucial for growth and productivity. The Structured Cabling by Atop Computer Solutions LLC has higher flexibility as it can quickly and efficiently accommodate new moves, ads, and changes. It ensures heightened business performance, which translates to maximizing profit. 


  • Bring Orders Amidst Chaos – We offer an organized cabling system that helps avoid the requirement of multiple wiring systems. It even allows businesses to identify the issues within the system quickly. 
  • Affordable Services – Structured cabling is a one-time investment with minimal upgrades in the future. It helps reduce overall operational costs, cooling costs, and power consumption. 
  • Greater Flexibility – Our structured cabling solutions facilitate easy and faster improvements within the network infrastructure.     


FAQ - Structured Cabling in Dubai


How Much Does It Cost to Install a Structured Cabling Network?


Vendors usually charge their customers on a per-drop basis, and the price ranges from $100 to $500 per drop, depending upon the facility and infrastructure. The cost of installation and equipment depends on the quantity, the number of drops needed in the process, and the ease of installation. 


Can Electricians Install the Structured Cabling for Businesses?


Yes, an electrician can install structured cabling for businesses, but it is highly recommended that you work with IT professionals with rich experience designing and installing cabling infrastructure. It is important because the IT firm with knowledge and experience in structured cabling installation understands how the design works and the support required for hardware expansion. Besides, IT firms like Atop Computer Solutions LLC change less and do the job professionally and on time.


What Happens If Structured Cabling is Not Installed Properly?


A flawed cabling system can cost a fortune, mainly when your business depends significantly on the telecommunication system. Besides, troubleshooting of flawed cabling system is costly. So, you must always look for secure network cabling solutions with the scope to expand in the future. Hire a professional structured cabling service provider like Atop Computer Solutions LLC.  

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