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APC Brand UPS Partner in Dubai

An uninterruptible power supply or UPS is a system guaranteeing continuous power supply and power protection to connected electronics. When there is a fluctuation outside the safe levels or an interrupted power supply, the UPS provides clean battery backup and surge protection to sensitive electronics connected to it. APC is the flagship brand of Schneider Electronics, offering a wide range of UPS products for networks, servers, computers, peripherals, and data centers and facilities. Atop has been an Authorized APC Brand UPS Partner in Dubai for years and is proud to service the UAE with high-quality data protection solutions and services.

APC UPS system includes products from single-phase, small units to three-phase, large units. The single-phase units are popular models for homes and PCs, offering high efficiency at low, high, and medium load levels, and are available in different types, including tower convertible, rack mount, and tower. APC Symmetra PX is the leading scalable, redundant, three-phase power protection device that is affordable and offers high levels of availability. ACS is a certified and authorized supplier and dealer of APC UPS In Dubai. Customers will find all reliable and efficient APC Brand UPS at ACS. 

APC Back-UPS Pro

The APC Back-UPS Pro is a compact, ergonomically designed UPS offering consistent power protection and supply for high-performing devices and PCs. It is also used in networks and servers, routers and modems, and to protect external storage devices. 


The award-winning APC Smart-UPS is commonly used worldwide for servers, voice and data networks, and storage. The UPS system is renowned for protecting critical data and efficient and intelligent network power protection for entry-level to high-performing runtime.

APC Smart-UPS Online

Smart-UPS On-Line is another high-performing UPS system that offers high-density, dual-conversion online power protection for medical labs, servers, data/voice networks, and light industrial applications. It can support scalable runtime and dual topology, which means the system, has an internal bypass. 


The APC Smart-UPS VT is an innovative system offering a compact three-phase power supply and protection to devices with exceptional efficiency and scalable runtime for critical applications and small data centers. 

APC Symmetra LX

It is a high-performing, redundant power protection UPS with scalable runtime and efficient power supply for server rooms with limited space, data, and voice networks. 

APC Symmetra PX

It is a powerful 3-phase power protection system for high performance and hot-scalable runtime with ultra-high availability and efficiency for any size of data center and high-density zones. 

APC Symmetra MW

It is the ultra high-power, energy-efficient, scalable, modular 3-phase UPS power protection system with industrial-grade performance for large data centers and mission-critical environments.

The comprehensive skills and knowledge in the field allow ACS to offer the expertise to help assess the business requirements and deliver solutions for the efficient power protection of different devices. Whether your business needs management for entry-level to high-performance servers, business networking systems, or storage or needs three-phase UPS power protection, APC Systems has the right UPS for your business needs and ACS stands by your side to make the right choice.  If You are looking APC Brand UPS Partner In Dubai, UAE, Contact Atop Computer Solution LLC.

APC UPS Distributor in Dubai, UAE

Regardless of your power protection needs and UPS systems, you can approach the executives today to have an applications expert suggest the best system for your specific needs and browse the wide range of APC UPS that suit your business needs and budget. So, browse the long list of APC UPS products at ACS and buy the best-suited model for your unique needs. Contact us for the APC UPS Distributor in UAE

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# Model Details EST. Price Action
1AP9565Rack PDU, Basic, 1U, 16A, 208/230V, (12)C13$246
2SRT72BPAPC Smart-UPS SRT 72V 2.2kVA$607
3SRT48BPAPC Smart-UPS SRT 48V 1kVA$685
4APCRBC140APC Replacement battery cartridge #140$566
5SRTGRK1APC SMART-UPS RT 19" Rail Kit For 5k/6k/8k/10k/15k/20kVA$134
6SRTRK4APC Smart-UPS SRT 19" Rail Kit for SRT 1/1.5/2.2/3kVA$170
7SRTG5KXLIAPC Smart-UPS RT 5kVA 230V$3060
8SRT3000XLIAPC Smart Ups SRT3000XLI 230V$2505
9SRT2200XLIAPC Smart Ups SRT2200XLI 230V$1555
10SRT1500XLIAPC Smart-UPS SRT 1500VA 230V$1230