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New Office Setup

IT Infrastructure Setup for New offices in UAE

Weather you are Setting up a New office, or doing a tech refresh of your existing office, you can use our Office IT infrastructure and Office Automation Setup service

We provide complete IT infrastructure Setup for the new office including purchase, installation , configuration and maintenance of IT and OA equipment. Some of the equipment and services we provide are

Security and Backup

Firewall setup.

Fireproof safe for safekeeping of backups and important documents.

IP cameras setup with NVR

NAS based backup setup with Private cloud, offsite replication and option to save data on External tapes for further security.

Access Control

Paper/CD Shredder

Antivirus Software installation

Office Automation


Fax Machine

Multifunction Printers

Scanner setup with options to email scanned documents or save to central server.

Network Printer / Individual Desktop printers

Multimedia Projector and Projection Screen

IT Equipment

Networking and Internet

Workstations or Notebooks Servers

Option of Zero Clients with server for low cost office setup

Pabx Setup + Desk phones

Wifi Setup with Guest Wifi

Wireless Solutions

Wireless Solutions from Atop Computer Solutions have catered to the different needs of clients over time. It has been able to meet the different needs of the clients due to the rapid advancement in IT technology thereby boosting the performance of businesses.

The witless solutions from ACS include guest access, internet access, voice, data and more. The Wireless Solutions from Atop Computer Solutions are beneficial for both, large scale and small scale businesses. The business partners are given access to different wireless points for centralized control - this further help in improving performance and security.

The wireless solution is as well available for mobile platforms and applications. If you have been looking for a potential solution to your business wireless solution, ACS is the right choice to make. Compared to wired solutions, Witless solutions by Atop Computer Solutions is more effective and cheap.