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   ATOP Computer Solution LLC is a leading System Integrator In Dubai. Apart from the software, the company is in the local PC assembler market and is the only IT Company to have achieved its position through "organic growth".   


We are a company, with the resources to unleash the power of advanced IT solutions. We specialize in understanding a company's needs and providing customized solutions based on the need. We enable you to effectively connect with your customers. From start to finish, concept to presentation, we deliver your message, clearly and effectively.   


Based in the heart of Dubai's computer street (Bank Street) we are a dedicated team of sales consultants and IT engineers who are helping corporations, governments, and educational institutions meet their hardware, software, Internet, and networking requirements in the MENA (Middle-East & North Africa) region. By working closely with our Partners and Suppliers (both overseas and within the UAE), we effectively deliver the necessary technology when and where it is needed. We offer an integrated approach to solving the needs for Office Automation, Data Communication, and IT Network infrastructure of these institutions. We pride ourselves in the honesty we share with our customers and the satisfaction we are bringing them.  


We realize that all of our customers have freedom of choice in a very competitive marketplace. We work very hard to keep our customers coming back and telling others about our company. We do this through practices that keep you satisfied with our products, service, and our staff. Our Sales Executives are well-trained to understand your customized corporate needs and the solutions they propose will give you the best value for your dhirams (or dollars if you please)!! 


Our strategic alliances in the USA and Jebel Ali Free Zone make sure to deliver the latest technologies at a high speed. clients in the middle-east  


With technology changing at such a rapid pace, we see our role as being a facilitator - a knowledge bank for local companies to turn to. In pursuit of "Total Customer Satisfaction", our knowledgeable team of Internet and Information Technology Specialists is empowered to utilize all available resources to exceed customer expectations. This flexibility and focus sets us apart from the competition.  


Whether your business requires solutions for Network Management, Web Development and Hosting, or Internet Access, ATOP Computers is here for you. 


"We commit ourselves to be a world-class leader in information technology and telecommunication distribution. Through our established strategic partnership with leading IT manufacturers, we are devoted to offering to our customers a wide range of products backed by knowledgeable support, competitive pricing, and superior service."  




Our company concentrates on providing accurate networking solutions, IT hardware, software, and fully tested computer systems, notebooks, and servers. We know our business, and we have implemented a sound business management structure, qualified Customer Service personnel, and the latest technological tools and equipment to meet the needs of our clients which has contributed to our success. We utilize our expertise to work with and through our qualified personnel to maintain your expectations, excelling in our service to meet all your requirements. To establish a competitive edge in the marketplace and meet our objective we have employed a high caliber of competently trained and experienced people with instilled discipline and commitment, developing attitudes and skills to incorporate pride and ownership of responsibilities. Our client base includes the Corporate and Retail sectors, Government Departments, Architectural firms, and various Educational Institutions. 


The training, specialization, experience, and flexibility of our staff ensure quality service in all facets of PC requirements. The deployment of our resources meets business demands, and our commitment to develop and maintain strong client relationships, which provides our clientele with the highest standard of service and goods. A combination of our company structure, efficient management practices, business knowledge, modern technology, and the expertise of our human resources have contributed to the success of our current business growth. We have adopted a proactive approach, constantly analyzing external factors and company practices in a continual effort to improve in service and products. Discounted pricing is restricted to approved government departments and educational institutions. This pricing should be selected when registering an order. 

Our services comprise IT consulting, Managed IT services, Cloud services, IT AMC (Annual Maintenance services), and End-user technology services.