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A server is a computing machine which is dedicated to perform no other tasks besides their defined server tasks, for which they are designed. Generally, it is believed that a server is a simple desktop computer, but simply running a server operating system on a desktop computer isn't a replacement for real server hardware. A server is the design, built and task, Servers can be named as Web Server, Proxy Server, Application Server, Database designed and built to manage, store, send and process data 24*7 and it has to be more reliable than a desktop computer and offers a variety of features and hardware not typically used in the average desktop computer. Based on Server or Cloud Server.

We, at ATOP Computer Solution LLC, deal with a wide range of servers from Top Brands in the IT Industry. We are in this IT industry since 2007. We are leading sales and service provider in Dubai and UAE with a range of High End Servers of all the leading Brands e.g. HP, Dell, Lenovo/IBM.

Following servers are readily available in stock with us to meet your server needs in very short time and at competitive rates,


HP DL 380 GEN 9 & GEN 10, HP ML 350 G9 & G10 , HP DL180 Gen 10 & G9, HP DL360 Gen 10, HP DL20 Gen 10 , HP ML110 Gen 10 , HP ML30 Gen 10


Dell PowerEdge T130, Dell PowerEdge T140 , Dell PowerEdge T330, Dell PowerEdge T440, Dell PowerEdge T630 Server, Dell PowerEdge T640 Server, Dell PowerEdge R240, Dell Power Edge R340, Dell PE R430, Dell PowerEdge R540 Server, Dell PE R730, Dell PowerEdge R740XD, Dell PowerEdge R940 Server & Dell EMC ME4012


Lenovo X3650, Lenovo TS450, Lenovo ST50, Lenovo TS130, Lenovo RD640, Lenovo TS450, & Lenovo TS150

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