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HP EliteBook 640 14 inch G10 Notebook PC 816U3EA


  • Windows 11 Pro
  • Intel® Core™ i7 1355U 13th Generation
  • 16 GB DDR4
  • 512 GB SSD


HP EliteBook 640 14 inch G10 Notebook PC 816U3EA

Atop Computer Solution LLC is excited to present the HP EliteBook 640 14-inch G10 Notebook PC 816U3EA, a blend of premium design, high-end performance, and unmatched security tailored for the discerning professional.

This notebook is engineered for those who demand reliability and performance in a sleek package. The HP EliteBook 640 G10 is the perfect partner for business professionals seeking a powerful tool that does not compromise style or security. Explore the key features that set the HP EliteBook 640 G10 apart in the competitive enterprise computing landscape.

Product Features:

Sophisticated Performance:

Powered by the latest Intel® processors and integrated Intel® graphics, the HP EliteBook 640 G10 delivers robust performance to handle demanding business applications effortlessly. Its efficiency and speed support a seamless multitasking experience, empowering professionals to achieve more. 

Stunning Display:

The 14-inch diagonal FHD screen offers brilliant visuals and wide viewing angles, making it ideal for presentations, detailed work, and video conferences. Its anti-glare feature ensures comfortable viewing under various lighting conditions. 

Premium Design:

With its slim and light structure, the HP EliteBook 640 G10 embodies sophistication and durability. Crafted from premium materials, it is designed to impress while withstanding the rigors of frequent travel and use. 

Advanced Security Features:

Featuring HP’s cutting-edge security technologies, including HP Sure Start and HP Sure Click, this notebook protects against firmware and malware attacks. The added biometric security features, such as fingerprint recognition, ensure your data remains secure. 

All-Day Battery Life:

Optimized for extended use, the HP EliteBook 640 G10 boasts a long-lasting battery life, ensuring that professionals can work through their day without worrying about recharging.

Seamless Connectivity:

Equipped with Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth® 5.0, USB-C™, and HDMI, the HP EliteBook 640 G10 ensures that you remain connected to your digital workspace, peripherals, and presentations without hassle. 

Professional Collaboration Tools:

The notebook enhances remote collaboration with HP Noise Cancellation, a high-definition webcam, and premium audio by Bang & Olufsen, making virtual meetings more effective and engaging.


The HP EliteBook 640 14-inch G10 Notebook PC (816U3EA) represents the pinnacle of professional computing, offering a harmonious blend of aesthetic appeal, performance, and security. Atop Computer Solution LLC is dedicated to providing our clients with technology solutions that empower their success. The HP EliteBook 640 G10 stands as a testament to our commitment, designed to meet and exceed the expectations of today’s business professionals.

Adopt the future of professional computing with the HP EliteBook 640 G10. Contact Atop Computer Solution LLC to learn more about this exceptional notebook and how it can transform your workday efficiency and security.