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HP Dragonfly 13.5 inch G4 Notebook PC 819Z6EA


  • Windows 11 Pro
  • 16 GB LPDDR5-6400 MHz RAM
  • 1 TB
  • 13.5" diagonal
  • 3K2K
  • 400 nits
  • 13th Generation
  • Intel® Core™ i7 processor


HP Dragonfly 13.5 inch G4 Notebook PC 819Z6EA

Welcome to the next level of mobility and performance with the HP Dragonfly 13.5 inch G4 Notebook PC 819Z6EA, brought to you by Atop Computer Solutions LLC.

The HP Dragonfly G4 stands at the prime of innovation, combining a lightweight design with powerful features that redefine what a business laptop can be. Aimed at professionals who demand excellence, this 13.5-inch notebook offers exceptional portability and performance.

Elegance and Efficiency Combined:

The HP Dragonfly G4 features a stunning 13.5-inch display that brings your content to life with vivid colours and crisp details, all housed in a sleek, eye-catching design. Its compact size and feather-light weight make it an ideal companion for business travels without ever slowing down.

Unmatched Performance:

Under the hood, the HP Dragonfly G4 is powered by the latest processor technology, ensuring swift and responsive performance across all your applications. From intensive data analysis to multimedia creation, this notebook handles everything easily, keeping you productive throughout the day.

Connectivity at Its Finest:

Stay connected with the world around you with HP Dragonfly G4's comprehensive connectivity options. Equipped with Wi-Fi 6, Bluetooth, and a range of ports, this notebook ensures you can easily connect to your devices and networks, making remote work smoother and more efficient.

Security You Can Depend On:

In an era where digital security is crucial, the HP Dragonfly G4 takes its time. It features advanced security measures, including biometric authentication and HP's cutting-edge security software, and protects your sensitive data from threats, giving you peace of mind in any work environment.

All-Day Battery Life:

The HP Dragonfly G4 boasts a long-lasting battery life designed to meet your demanding schedule. Work, play, and create without the constant need to recharge, ensuring you're always ready for whatever your day throws.

Atop Computer Solutions LLC - Your Go-To Technology Partner: 

At Atop Computer Solutions LLC, we pride ourselves on offering our customers the best technology and service. The HP Dragonfly 13.5 inch G4 Notebook PC (819Z6EA) exemplifies our commitment to bringing you the latest and most efficient computing solutions. Our dedicated customer support and service guarantees make your investment secure with us. If you want more HP laptops? Visit here

Empower Your Workday:

With the HP Dragonfly G4, you're not just getting a laptop but investing in a tool that elevates your work and play. Whether presenting in a boardroom or working from a café, this notebook is built to enhance your productivity and inspire your creativity.