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 EMC|The Software Behind The Systems

Dell EMC is a powerful part of Dell Technologies' commitment to your transformation


EMC. By Vangie Beal Short for Electromagnetic Compatibility, EMC is the term used to describe how well a device or system is able to function in an electromagnetic environment without introducing electromagnetic disturbances that interfere with the operation of other electrical products in the environment.


Based on Principled Technologies report 'Simplifying systems management with Dell OpenManage on 13G Dell PowerEdge servers', commissioned by Dell, September 2014, testing Dell's 13th generation R730 with Enterprise-level Dell systems management. As compared to manual configuration.

2Claim of Dell Active Fabric offerings delivering 77% less energy consumption is based on March 2013 internal Dell lab results using industry standard network design criteria, comparing Dell S4810 and Z9000-based network solutions to comparable Cisco Nexus 7000 and 5000 series switch-based network solutions.